Turning User-generated content into high-performing Ads

Turning User-Generated Content Into High-performing Ads

November 07, 2019

Let’s talk about Facebook Ads for a moment, shall we?

When we run a Facebook Ad, what motive are we looking to suffice? Creating a high-performance Ad by resonating it deeply with your target audience, right?

But there is one under-rated, yet highly compelling thing on how can we do that, and that is - Social Proof.

When an Ad has a face-to-face camera creative; that is known as a Customer Review. And that very Ad has the power to become a leveraging Social Media proof for your brand/product viz. A customer testimonial. And there’s nothing as powerful as social proof or a customer testimonial when it comes to reaching new customers, And that is mainly because new customers who have never interacted with your brand, even they want to hear what other people think about you.

And when coupled with an Amazing Video Headline; it has the potential to be one of the best pieces of copy you’ve ever produced. And not mentioning the fact, that it is user-generated content and you didn’t spend a single moment to “copy” a self-thought idea.

“In advertising, you speak to a group of people — through copy, image, and video — who are sharing a collective experience. The goal is to stop them in their tracks and get them to say, “Wow, this resonates with me. This is what I’m going through. I want to know more.”

And that’s exactly what an amazing headline does so well.

One thing to know here is that the headline at the top mustn’t be a static one which you would be using on your previous post. Try to change it according to what is going on in the customer review video. Try to keep it as catchy, and as engaging as possible.

This strategy allows us to highlight important pieces of copy in our video to make a greater impression on viewers as they watch. It is also helpful in increasing engagement extremely well.

But how can you create an effective social proof Facebook Ad? It takes just 2 Steps to Create Your Social Proof Ad, which are:

  1. Listen to Your Customers
  2. You have to listen to your customers - Answer their support tickets - interview them - read customer surveys. Basically, anything and everything you can do to get to know your audience and hear about their experience will help you create the most authentic interpretation of your brand, and trust me when I say this - IT’S PURE GOLD.

  3. Mine Your Customer-Generated Content for Ad Copy
  4. After knowing your customers well, you have to use this insight in your ad copy by taking note of what the customers actually said: direct quotes.

Regardless of your copywriter’s skills, keep it straight from the mouth of a person which literally touches on the entire philosophy of your product, in just one Ad!

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