How To Drive More Amazon Sales By Using Facebook Ads

How To Drive More Amazon Sales By Using Facebook Ads

December 19, 2019

Do you want to build an amazon brand?

Do you know you can gather more amazon sales through the Facebook ads?

In this article, I’m going to tell you how to exactly tackle your amazon sales by leveraging the paid advertising to promote your brand even outside the amazon.

It starts from the top left with a promoted video ad on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or any other kind of social media marketing platform.

From the video, link a piece of content, such as a presell article that will really engage the consumers in the experience which they are about to have.

From the article. readers can click and view the products which are available on the store page. Hence, these are the first few steps of the marketing model

Differentiating The Facebook And Amazon Ads

Amazon sellers really understand what a query-based search is, it means that when a user searches for a smoker, then they will show them the ad for a smoker.

Whereas Facebook advertisers use what is often called “contextual traffic’.

Which is a different way of saying that the Facebook ads want to give your prospects relevant content based on what you know about the person you are going to advertise about?

Amazon’s query-based advertising looks at whether the customer is already looking for the product that you sell or not, but Facebook advertising doesn’t follow the same thing.

Altogether one decent video ad is sufficient for great contextual advertising.

The Tough & The Easy Way

Firstly, beginning with the tough way, here’s how an ad model looks like, comprising of the real examples

The vital reason for longer sales cycle is to get the most value per visitor, therefore the 6 steps through which I send them are:

after this, I tend to add them to the emailing list where I can market them more in the future.

The Easier Way

The most common model is to omit the presell page and store this page which makes it easy enough if someone’s new to the Facebook advertising

The Way To Start

See the following models, to grasp the context, In the post the focus is made to make a model easy and relevant so that it leads straight from an ad to your offer

Most Important Ad Elements:

Square video canvas: in mobile phones, the video takes up almost 70% more screen space than the rectangular video, and it’s also easy to do. Ask the video editor to do so and get easily more screen space.

Headlining the edited video: keep in mind that you do have a square canvas but a rectangular video, and also you have the extra space below the video, which can be used for a customized headlining,

Creating your own captions: use the space below to create your customized caption, try to make them bigger and easier to read.

Use your ownership benefit copy as Call to action: try to ignore the features and focus on the solution your product gives to the user. Also, try not to describe the stick in the CTA, as it does not arouse any interest.

Provide some social proof: no one can write better sales copy than the customers, therefore along with the social proof in the video, take a quote from the customer and use it as the first line of your sales copy.

Ownership Benefit Testimonial: try to save the features for the product page, and in the ad copy describe in one line as to how the product will change their lives or will make them a different person.

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