Customer Journey Mapping | A Step by Step Guide | What it is & Why you need one?

Make Your Customer Journey Map in Snaps…

May 16, 2021

What is a customer journey map? It is a Process that can be used to visually represent your customers' interactions with your brand. It helps in creating better customer experiences, identifying areas that your brand can improve on, and discovering new opportunities that your brand can pursue.

Step 1: Mark your target

Why are you making this map? Whose perspective will it be from? What experiences will you be factoring in? Answer these questions and set by yourself a well-defined target, because without the bullseye, no arrows can be shot.

Step 2: Build a buyer persona

Create a target customer persona. Analyse all demographic data, background, lifestyle and tastes & preferences of the buyer. Focus on what will be your target audience.

Step 3: Analyse the customer’s incentive & disincentive

Understand what are the driving forces behind getting your customer to you. At the same time analyse the forces that are pulling back your customers and not letting them approach you. This will help in sales generation.

Step 4: Lay down a buyer’s plan

This involves analysing what the customer goes through. Find out hoe many people are aware about your products. Create awareness. Understand the factors that a buyer considers before finally choosing a supplier. Try fulfilling all the requirements of the buyer. Finally comes the part where the customer makes the ultimate decision : from whom to buy. Make sure you’re the one!


Maximise your sales after ensuring all the above checkpoints. Period.

Step 6: Ensure positive feedback

As you move towards completing the process of how to make a customer journey map, you'll realize that every step so far has been equipping you to deal with one of the biggest hurdles that brands face: earning your customer's trust. Moments of Truth are crucial points in the customer journey. These are instances wherein a customer's opinion about your brand are formed based on their experiences. Now that the customer journey is an omnichannel experience, your brand won't be the only one that you customer interacts with. So how do you stand out? More importantly, how do you earn their trust? Create genuine and memorable experiences for every touchpoint you have with the customer.

Step 7: Review your business

Take feedback from your customers, analyse your key strengths and weaknesses. Do your SWOT Analysis.

Step 8: Sit back & RELAX

Follow these steps mentioned above and watch your business bloom. Hope you found this article interesting. Do give your feedbacks in the comments section so that I can also execute my Step 6 & 7 as mentioned above. Jokes apart, these are the simplest steps that form a chain for your business’s growth!

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