A Complete Guide To Set Up Your Shopify Store

A Complete Guide To Set Up Your Shopify Store

April 20, 2020

Having a brilliant idea in your mind; just need a platform to share? Well, then setting an online store at Shopify is the answer for you. Don’t worry, it is not that tough. It will hardly take 15 minutes of yours and then you all ready to roll your own online store at Shopify.

Listing down steps that you need to follow to create your own Shopify Store-

Step 1- The Usual Sign-Up Procedure

Just like you sign up for any other social media account, you just need to sign up for Shopify. Firstly visit the Shopify site and then enter your email address and get started.

Step 2- Give Your Store- A Name

Time to give an identity to your store by giving it a name.

Step 3- Add An Address

Type your address, if you started corporation give that address otherwise give your home address.

Step 4- Design

Now, you are greeted with a simple dashboard. Assume it like a canvas and design the way you want your online store to look.

Step 5- Theme Selection

You will be given multiple design templates to choose from. And in the list of 100s, there would be that one theme that completely resonates with your idea, so chose that. Take your time while choosing, as it will represent the whole feel of your online store so you need to plan it accordingly.

Step 6- Add Your First Product

Come back to your dashboard and then click the “Add product” option. Then, enter the name of your product and the small description telling about your product. Try writing a unique product description, as more the good description the better the SEO ranking goes.

Step 7- Upload Picture Of Your Product

As the old mantra clearly says it all -” Images can make or break the sales”. If you wanna boost your conversation rate, then you have to look for the best resolution images.

Step 8- Time for Inventory

This step involves setting up a price and inventory. So start by entering the price of your product ensuring that you hit a click on the charge taxes box. By this Shopify can simply come with correct sales tax.

Then, mention an SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) Code, which is a unique number that is tagged with the product for its identification. Most importantly, don’t forget to change the ‘inventory policy’ to ‘Shopify tracks this product’s inventory’ and enter the number of products you have available.

By this, Shopify can easily track every product and keep records of how many products are sold and how many products are left.

Step 9- Add Product Weight For Shipping Purposes

Manage your settings by selecting ‘manual’ fulfillment, then later Shopify will calculate the shipping charges according to the customer’s location and product’s weight.

Step 10- Customize the size, color etc..

If you are dealing with a product with multiple choices for eg- a shirt with different sizes and colors. So, let Shopify handle that, you just need to provide them with all the details like size, color, fabric and so on….

After that, simply hit the publish button and now your product is live on the website. For every product uploading, repeat all the above steps.

Step 11- Create A Domain

Well, now you need to create a custom domain name that makes the store- A Unique Brand by clicking a set-up a custom domain option.

Step 12- Buy The Domain

To take it further, you need to buy the domain name so that you get the right to own that domain, which reduces the chances of others using that same domain. Shopify gives you a personalized list of suggestions available in the market and you can buy any one from it. And if you already purchased a domain name earlier, that too works, just mention that in the domain option.

Step 13- Work On Payment Mechanism

Payment mode is way too complicated to handle but not anymore. As Shopify has made it easy to function, you just need to navigate the settings- Payment and start by choosing a preferred method.

Shopify also provides an inclusive option- Shopify Payments, that allows you to accept credit cards directly. You just need to connect your bank accounts with Shopify. If you are looking for flexibility in payment options then you can add alternative payments’ including Amazon, BitPay and CoinBase.

Your Online Store Is Ready To Roll

Finally, you are part of the Shopify family. Now your online store is live to function.. Market your store and make your existence unique in the market.

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